How to avoid pap smear in Australia

A Queensland health official has confirmed a test that can detect the presence of leptothria papillomavirus in the skin of women has been tested on an infected patient.

Queensland Health Minister Nick Greiner said the test was approved by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and the Queensland Health Authority (QHA).

“The patient was treated at a hospital in Brisbane,” Mr Greiner told ABC News on Tuesday.

“It’s not a routine test, it’s not part of routine medical care.

The test was administered by a professional and it has been approved by NHMRC.”

Mr Greiner’s comments came as the Queensland Government announced a $1.3 million boost to Queensland health funding and announced an increase in the state’s cervical cancer screening and treatment plan.

In a statement, Mr Greiners spokesman said the testing had been done by an independent laboratory.

He said the lab was working with the Queensland Department of Health on a clinical trial that would help determine whether a trial would be conducted in the Sunshine State.

However, he said the government was not recommending that a trial was undertaken.

Health Minister Nick Girdler has said the Government would not support a trial in Queensland.

Mr Girdlers statement came after a Queensland Health Department spokesman said a trial of a cervical screening test was not in the plans.

On Tuesday, Queensland Health said the National Pap smear was a simple test that would detect papilloma in any woman who had a positive result on the test.

Its main purpose was to identify cervical cancer patients.

It also tested for HPV.

Dr Mark Bovey, an infectious disease specialist from the Queensland University of Technology, said the NSW and ACT tests were far more accurate than the Queensland test.

“I think the NSW test is more likely to be accurate and the ACT test is much more likely, if you look at the other countries, to be more accurate,” he said.

NSW Health said it was also conducting an investigation into the Queensland testing.

A spokesman said it had not yet received any reports of a false positive result.

Cervical cancer screening Queensland Health is also reviewing whether a Pap smear is appropriate for Queensland, the spokeswoman said.

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