Which is better? A paper test or a digital version of the syphilis test?

Politico asked experts and students whether students would get the correct results if they were to use a paper or digital test.

They answered by asking the experts whether students should consider the paper test over the digital version.

The answers varied.

Many students, including the most highly rated students, opted for the paper version, while others, like some of the less highly rated, chose the digital. 

The APA recommends that students use the paper-based test to determine whether they are at risk of syphilis. 

“While the digital test is better at detecting syphilis and other sexually transmitted infections, it may be more accurate if used in conjunction with the standard test, which is usually used to screen for HIV,” the APA’s syphilis policy states. 

A student can choose to use the digital or paper test if they’re at least 21 years old, and have a low STD infection.

If they have a high STD infection, the digital can be used more often. 

But if students are at high risk of getting syphilis, and their test reveals that they have the disease, then the digital should be used as a test, not a tool, said John Schulman, president of the American College of Pediatricians.

“If students are tested with the digital, they’re more likely to test positive than they are with the paper,” Schulmans told Politico.

“I think it’s important to remember that when students get tested with a test and they do get syphilis they’re also being tested for HIV.

That’s not the same as finding the systolic blood pressure, or the pulse.” 

There are two different types of paper tests. 

Syphilis paper tests are available for both boys and girls, and cost $12.50 and $15, respectively. 

Acid paper tests can be obtained for $2 and can be purchased online. 

Hypertension paper tests require an appointment with a healthcare provider, and costs $10.

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