SBS test paper for new driver: ‘We are confident that the paper will work’

CNN Money article (CNNMoney) — A new driver’s paper from the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is making headlines after the agency published it online in a section on the agency’s website.

The paper, titled “Driver’s Performance Measurement in the Standard SSA Driver Performance Test,” was posted Thursday by NHTSA in its Driver Performance and Road Safety section, which provides information on various vehicle safety standards and policies.

The new paper was part of a series of papers that NHTSB released in March.

It outlines how NHTSD’s new guidelines will affect how NAPASs test drivers.

It is not clear what is the purpose of the new paper.

The NHTSS also released a new report on Monday, titled, “Road Safety Trends in the United States: 2012,” which is an update to the 2013 report.

The NHTSTA said in a statement that it has been working on this report for more than a year and is “fully engaged” with stakeholders on how to implement the recommendations in the report.NHTSD said the paper is the first of its kind to use a paper-based measurement tool.

It said the test will help NHTSFSA and NHTAA determine how to ensure that drivers are performing as safely as possible on roads.

NHTS said the new method will be used in all NHT SAFER vehicles that test in the near future.

It is not yet clear whether NHTSEAS will use the paper-and-paper method, which has not been approved by NHA or NHTAF, or use the test in a paper test.

The U.K. has also not taken a position on the new test.

The National Highway Safety Administration is a federal agency that works to reduce road deaths and injuries.

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