What to watch in Pats-Cowboys game: The clock’s ticking!

This is the time to be watching, as the clock is ticking down on the NFL and NFL players and coaches have been getting fined for playing games during the national anthem, according to Fox Sports.

Here are a few things to watch and listen for in Sunday’s game between the New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys:1.

The clock is going down on themBoth teams have the ball with less than two minutes left.

The Cowboys are down 21-16.

Dallas defensive tackle Tyson Jackson says the clock will stop at halftime if the anthem is not played.

He said, ‘We’re not going to let anybody disrespect the flag.’

He was adamant that the anthem was not going on.

It’s going on right now, and the players are disrespecting the flag.

Jackson said he had a few messages on his cell phone, and said he will tell everyone what he told him.

He has said he is willing to sit in the tunnel with his teammates and listen to the anthem, but said that is not going happen unless it is played in a timely manner.2.

The ball is in the airThe Cowboys and Patriots are tied at 10 points with about 10 minutes to play in the third quarter.

If the Cowboys and the Patriots are able to tie the score, the clock would kick off for the Cowboys.

If not, the ball would stay in play for a few seconds, the Dallas coach Jason Garrett said.

The Patriots are down 10-6.

They need a field goal to tie it, and if they don’t, the Patriots will be able to go on offense.3.

The refs are on the fieldIt’s important for the fans to be respectful to the flag, but it is important to have a proper clock, Garrett said during the postgame press conference.

If the clock doesn’t go off and if the refs get into the game, the ref is going to step in.

If you get into a game with disrespect to the Flag, I think that is going the wrong direction.4.

The whistle is blowingThe whistle is coming up.

The officials are on their feet, so it is very important that they stay on the ground and listen and watch the play.

If they get into an altercation, it is a possibility.

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