Leptothrin pap test paper is a test paper for the HPV vaccine

A test paper that is used in testing the efficacy of a HPV vaccine is now a test for the cervical cancer vaccine.

The test paper has been sent to the Department of Defense and is being sent to vaccine manufacturers, which have not yet been notified of its existence.

The paper has a sample that has been given to the National Cancer Institute, which is responsible for making vaccine recommendations, for testing.

The Department of Health and Human Services has said it will not release the test paper until after it receives the information.

In a statement on Thursday, the agency said the information is “in its early stages,” but that the test was sent “with the understanding that it will be made public once it has been tested.”

In a previous statement, the department said the vaccine was “currently being evaluated for safety.”

The vaccine, known as Cervarix, is being developed by the United States for use in men who are not at high risk for cervical cancer.

A number of studies have shown that it is a strong, long-lasting form of the vaccine.

But the vaccine is designed to target the HPV 16 and 18 strains that cause the disease.

The new test paper was sent to a number of vaccine manufacturers including GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Novartis, Merck, and Novartic, according to a list of companies provided to The Verge by the Department.

The government said it would be sending the test to all vaccine manufacturers and that the vaccine would be made available “within 24 hours of receiving the information.”

The test is a type of paper that contains a sample of the HPV virus.

The sample contains the virus, which was first discovered in the 1960s.

The vaccine is also known as a cDNA or nucleic acid, and is made from DNA extracted from the human genome.

The cDNA can be used to create a vaccine or a diagnostic test.

It can be made from any type of DNA, and it is not subject to a patent.

The first vaccine tested using the test came from GlaxosmithKline in 2015.

It was approved by the Food and Drug Administration and then the manufacturer’s license was revoked in 2017, according the FDA.

In May 2018, Pfiser announced it would make the vaccine available to manufacturers in November 2018.

The company did not provide an official date for when it would have received the test.

The HPV vaccine has been under development since 2009 and is currently being tested in over 400 women and men in the United Kingdom.

It is being tested on more than 5,300 women and 6,500 men in Europe and Canada.

The vaccines are made from the DNA extracted during the treatment of cervical cancer, which can cause inflammation and changes to the immune system.

In addition to being used in cancer research, the vaccine has also been used in several other settings.

A similar test has been used to help detect ovarian cancer, and the vaccine can also help determine whether a woman is at high or low risk of developing breast cancer.

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