What to expect from your HPV test at a GP appointment

GPs and patients will be tested for HPV in their GP appointments starting in September 2018.

This is expected to be a high priority, but it will be a gradual rollout, with testing starting as soon as possible.

The GPs will be asked to record the results of the test, which can take between 45 minutes and an hour.

A GP can then send it to the National Centre for Health Research (NCHR), where it will then be analysed and used for further research.

A test will also be sent to any other health professional who is also involved in the assessment of the GP’s knowledge and skills, and any other people the GP might be considering for treatment.

The GP will also need to write an HPV test consent form, which includes:• the GP and patient’s name, address and telephone number• the date and time of the testing• the name of the health care professional who will perform the test• the nature of the tests, including whether it involves the genital area of the penis, anus or throat• the length of the time the test has been taken and the results• if the GP has any questions about the results.

The new test will not be available to everyone.

It will only be available for people who have an appointment with a GP and who can show they have not previously been tested for this virus. 

The GP can opt out of the new HPV test, but the GP will still need to complete the consent form and sign it.

A GP will need to take the form at least once in a year to record all the information required, including the name, date and place of testing.

The GP will be required to sign and date the form as well. 

In 2018, the GP can also opt out if they wish. 

GPs and the GP may need to refer the test to another GP who has the knowledge and skill to administer it, such as a specialist.

There will be no limit to how many tests a GP can perform.

The new tests are being rolled out across the country.

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