Why is it important to get a Pap test before getting your next Pap test?

With the Zika virus spreading around the world, the virus testing requirements have become more stringent.

Now, that is why you should get a pap test. 

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has now released guidelines on how to get your Pap test.

Here’s what you need to know. 


Can I get a Pap test? 


The Pap test is a test to check for the presence of the virus, which is usually diagnosed when you have a fever or a rash.

The test is not required before a Pap appointment, and is not compulsory.

You do not need to have been diagnosed with the virus.

The only requirement is that you are willing to get tested.

The Pap test can be done in the same way you get a blood test, although you may not get the same results as someone who has had a blood or urine test.2.

How do I get the Pap test in Australia? 

You can get a test from the Australian Health Practitioners Tribunal (AHPTO).

The AHPTO is a court-appointed tribunal to hear cases brought against health practitioners. 


How long will it take me to get my Pap test from my GP? 

The Pap exam is usually done in four to eight weeks. 


Will my Pap results be accepted by my GP if I have the Zika Virus? 

If you have not had a Pap scan and you have the virus and your Pap results are negative, your GP will need to do a second Pap test and the results will be accepted. 


Can the Pap tests I have been given in Australia be used as a test for other types of HPV? 



What are the differences between the Pap Tests in Australia and overseas? 

A Pap test involves getting a Pap smear from your doctor.

 A test can only be used to check if you are infected with HPV or not.

There is no test for HPV types 18 and 21.

You can only get a positive Pap test for the virus when you get your next test.

It is not possible to get the test for both HPV and the virus at the same time. 


Will I need to get any new tests for the Zika outbreak? 

Depending on the tests that you get from your GP, it could take up to a month to get those tests from your Pap doctor.

The tests that can be used for Zika are the Pap smear, the Pap cytology, and the Pap serology.8.

What if I test negative for HPV?

If you are positive for HPV and have not tested, you will need another Pap test if you have been positive for any other type of HPV.

The results will not be accepted unless you have had the test done.9.

What do I do if I get an HPV test from an overseas GP?

If you get an overseas HPV test, your doctor will need a Pap sample.

This is taken from your penis, and you can use it as a Paptest.

The sample is sent to a lab in Australia, where it is tested for HPV, a virus that causes cervical cancer. 


How much money does it cost?

The Pap tests are about $800. 

If I test positive for both of the other types, will I need a second test for each of them?


The HPV test only tests HPV types that cause cancer.

If you do have the other type, you can get it for free from your local Health Care Provider. 


Will it cost more to get an Australian test than an overseas test?

No, it will not.

You will need an overseas Pap test, and an Australian Pap test to test for any HPV type. 


What is the difference between a Pap or Pap cytological test and a Pap and Pap test that is taken at home?

A Pap cytologist will use a swab from your finger to take a sample of your blood and test for certain types of the viruses. 

A swab test is similar to a Pap cytologic test.

This test will not use your finger or finger prints.

The swab is taken through your skin and is done at home. 


Can you use my blood to make the Paptest?

Yes, you may use your blood. 


What types of tests are available to you in Australia for the Pap testing?

The tests that are available in Australia are the HPV test and Pap cyticle. 


What does the Pap Test mean for me?

The Pap is the first test that your doctor may ask you to get from you.

It checks if you can pass the Pap and is the only test that you need for getting a positive result. 


What happens if I pass the test?

If your Paptest is positive, you are tested for the next two types of virus: HPV and HPV 16.

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