What is pap test?

New Delhi: The government is working to put the final touches on a nationalised insurance scheme for all those with chronic illnesses and has set up a test bank for patients.

Pap test is the only way to ensure that the people receiving insurance do not have to pay a premium.

The government has launched a test for over 30,000 people with chronic illness in the country and expects to issue more, said a government official.

The government has been considering a nationalisation of insurance since the Bharatiya Janata Party came to power in 2014.

Pap is the most common type of chronic disease, which has killed over 4,500 people across India.

In 2016, India saw an 8.7-fold increase in cases of coronavirus-related deaths, which increased by 18% to 3,094 cases.

The government said it has asked doctors and health care workers to undertake Pap tests on a daily basis to prevent the spread of the virus.

Dr Sanjay Bhatt, director of National Center for the Prevention of Communicable Diseases (NCPCD), said tests would be mandatory for everyone over the age of 65.

He said it would take around a month to perform a Pap test.

The first test is being conducted at Delhi University, a joint venture between the Medical Council of India and National Institute of All India Medical Sciences (NIIMS).

The government expects to have a database of around 1.5 lakh people who have already been tested.

Health Minister Anil Madhav Dave said the government was also considering extending Pap tests to a further 10,000 in the next three years.

He said the scheme would be rolled out on a phased basis.

First Published: Jan 18, 2019 19:11:02

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