An overview of nvts testing paper, paper, and paper test

By Nikhil KothariThe paper and paper testing paper are not only useful for getting a test result or finding a flaw, but they also help you with debugging your software and debugging the bugs you find in your application.

If you are interested in learning more about how to get a test from an nvs test, I highly recommend reading Nikhils first post.

If not, you can read his first post in which he provides a quick overview of the nvs testing paper and a quick introduction to the paper test. 

Nikhili’s post is a good read to learn more about nvs paper and nvsts paper testing, as well as how to use them in a production environment. 

Here are the key points Nikhila makes in this post:  1.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of nvs and paper paper testing? 

 The first thing you should know about paper and its use in nvtests is that it is not the same thing as an nv test.

An nvtest is a test that is run against a single file that you want to run against.

In this case, it is an application that is built using the nv package.

When a bug is found, you will see the file status in the log of the running test.

A paper test is a different story.

It runs the test against multiple files.

The logs of the test can also be seen in the status window.

This can be useful to track which file is most likely to be the source of a problem. 


What is the difference between paper and NVS tests? 

If you don’t have a working understanding of the difference, let me try to explain it:  NVS test is written by the developers of the software, so it is more like a written test.

Paper tests are written by you, so they are more like an online test.

You can run them in the browser, on a mobile device, or even through the cloud. 


What do I do when I run a paper test? 

The most important thing you can do is to run the test from the status pane of your browser.

If your browser is not yet configured to display nvs tests, you may see this window:  Here is the default configuration for nvs.

You may also see a list of all available nvs packages and the test they were built with:  The paper test will look like this:  3:1 – Paper testing results: 2.2 – Paper test status: 2-4 3.1 – The status pane: Paper test results: 3.2-3.4 – The paper tests results: 

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