Why the ‘HPV pap test’ test is so bad

What is the ‘hpv test’? The ‘hpV pap’ test (also called the ‘pap test’ or ‘hp v test’ for short) is a screening test that is often used to screen for HPV infections.It uses saliva, or an aerosol test (or a gel test) to measure HPV infection, which is then recorded in the blood and used […]

What is the pap test?

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When is a paper test good?

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Allen Test Paper is now available in the store for $24.95

Allen, Inc. is making the Paper Test Paper available to all purchasers at $24, an almost 50% discount off the standard retail price.It comes in black, red, and white. For now, Allen is only available for purchase through the retailer’s website, but it will eventually be available in retail stores nationwide.Allen test papers have been available […]

How to avoid cervical cancer through the nitrazine vaccine

In September 2017, the World Health Organization announced that it had approved the N3N vaccine, which uses nitrazinone to neutralize nitrosamines in the body.The vaccine was widely touted as the most effective, most widely available and least expensive vaccine available to date.While N3, like many other nitrazines, is toxic to the body, nitrazone is not […]

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